With trademark pizzazz and professionalism, Sally has managed weddings and special events for over twenty years, from the simplest ceremony to blockbuster nuptials. Now, she brings her unique Wedding Planning Process to couples everywhere.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Sally maintains a San Francisco office as well, citing her fifth generation status as reason enough to keep her feet firmly planted up and down the sunny state.

Sally’s first paid gig was at age 16.  She still has the Polaroid of her carefully crafted hors d’oeuvres platters on buffet!   Learning the orchestration of large-scale functions while working for San Francisco’s top caterers was followed by a stint at the then famous Stars, where she learned about cutting edge cuisine.  Next Sally began directing the catering departments at top venues in the City.

Finding similar success in Southern California, Sally managed intimate parties in Bel Air, huge convention soirees downtown and, of course, weddings.  Lots and lots of weddings!  Naturally sought after, her reputation to handle the most special of occasions continued to grow and Sally launched Sally Steele Weddings.

As an independent contractor for the legendary Inn of the Seventh Ray, Sally developed her Wedding Planning Process to handle the high demands of this extremely popular venue for weddings and receptions. Recognizing that her wedding planning process could help many more couples enjoy themselves both before, as well as during, their wedding day, Sally’s DVD concept, I Do, Do-It-Yourself Wedding Planning was developed and is now available.