Choosing The Best Wedding Venue
15 October

Choosing The Best Wedding Venue


You only get one chance to impress your guests well at a wedding and this is true when choosing a wedding venue. The venue should be something that both you and your fiancee will enjoy and it should be able to hold the number of guests you’re inviting to the wedding. If you’re on a budget and need to find an inexpensive venue, there are some options. You can ask your parents or grandparents to see if you can hold the wedding at their home. If the two of you attended the same university and there is a chapel there large enough for guests, you can have it at the university chapel since it might be less expensive than a hotel or ballroom.

For the couple who will have a wedding at the church but need to find a different place for the reception, a public park would be neat since it provides a romantic atmosphere for you. Decorate the area of the park where you will have the reception based on the theme you chose but that are within the park’s decorating guidelines. Let the guests know that the reception will be at the park months before the wedding day so that they will know how they should dress according to the weather conditions.

When you look for a wedding venue you want to choose a place that has style and flair to it, and that would complement your theme in a beautiful way. If your theme is the 50s salon look, you can visit a local salon and inquire about renting it for the reception, especially if the salon is large enough for your guests. Make sure you give a good tip to the salon owner along with the price of renting her place out for the day.

Another idea is to hold the wedding and reception at a hotel banquet room if you’re going for something elegant. This is especially true if you’re planning a vintage wedding based in the decades between the 1920s and 1940s. The good thing about a banquet room is that it can hold a large number of people and you and the groom can spend your wedding night at the same hotel.

In conclusion, there are numerous choices when it comes to wedding venues. The key is to think about your style, budget and distance for the guests who will be at the wedding and reception.

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