You have a vision for your wedding day. Make it happen with this new compact Wedding Planner and Companion DVD set.

Put down that phone book-sized planning guide and cuddle up on the couch with your fiancée as Sally explains the most critical steps toward achieving a gorgeous and stress-free wedding. Sally Steele is an expert wedding planner who has orchestrated hundreds of successful weddings and was a featured planner on TLC’s For Better or For Worse.

On this DVD she shares her secrets. As you watch Sally advise real couples on their way to wedded bliss, you will understand how simple it can be to conquer the often intimidating maze of logistics and options. Sally helps couples realize something they didn’t think was possible: You can actually enjoy planning your wedding!

“I Do” is fun to watch, full of exquisite images and can’t miss advice. Consider this your first wedding gift to each other, an opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams!


The “I Do” planner covers details from the ceremony to the farewell and shows you how to create your own personal wedding plan. Plan like a pro by following the essential guidelines and using the practical worksheets provided in this compact little gem that you can take everywhere.