“We would like to thank you for making our wedding so special.  It is a day that we will always remember and you helped make it amazing.  Your advice as we were planning was extremely useful and made the actual day SO beautiful! We couldn’t be happier; our wedding was everything we hoped it would be.  Thanks again and take care.”

Heather and Rick

“Thank you so much for making our special day go so smoothly.  You were such a pleasure to work with!  I can honestly say our wedding was more beautiful than I could have imagined.  No one—especially us—wanted it to end!”

Rachel and Jabari

“Well, it’s back to reality for us happy newlyweds, I’m sad to say.  But what a ride it was!  I just wanted to say on behalf of Sasha and myself that the wedding was absolutely exquisite.  One of the things we coming back to in our constant reminiscing is how we didn’t have to think about a single thing, how we just had to be there and everything flowed so naturally and wonderfully, and that is a complete credit to you and the job that you did.  All we had to do was sit back and have a good time and DID WE EVER.  It was magical, spectacular, [insert glowing adjective here]. We’re both happy to say that after all of the apprehension and suspense, it really did live up to the billing “the best day of our lives”.  And almost everyone who was there commented that it was one of the best – if not the best – weddings that they ever attended.  The food, the cake, the atmosphere, all of it went off flawlessly.  Thank you so much for making our big day as special and memorable as it could have possibly been.”

Chris and Sasha

“Michael and I are slowly and reluctantly emerging from our honemoon phase. We’ve been thinking about you and wanted to contact you.  We are so grateful for the work you put into making our wedding a memorable evening.  Thank you again for everything!”

Ellie and Michael

“Thank you for helping to make our dream wedding a reality.  It was a pleasure working with you.  We rave about you to everyone.”

David and Julie

“Thanks so much for all your patience and making our wedding special.”

Steve and Ildiko

“I know people typically write the thank you note after the wedding.  But thank you before the wedding.  You are the singular source of stress relief right now.  Thanks!”


“Lester and I just want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into our wedding!  We loved getting to know you and we definitely could not have done this without you and all your helpful advice.  You were wonderful! Blessings always.”

Angela and Lester

“Big thanks for being our Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaire!!  You handled the very complicated arrangements with grace and ease and saw that everything ran smoothly.  Your contribution to our big event was deeply appreciated!”

Joan and David

“Thank you so much for all your assistance with our wedding and our special day.  Glad you were also able to share in our union. Much love and success to you!”

Angela and Matthew

“Thanks so much for doing such a great job with our wedding.  We have enjoyed working with you.”

Kristie and Corby

“We’re married!  Miranda and I have such great wedding memories especially from the reception. The evening was so perfect!  We play the night over and over in our heads. We love that we got to enjoy our friends, family and each other and never once had to worry about a thing. We know that you had everything under control and taken care of.  We have received so many positive comments from friends and family about how much they loved and were impressed by the reception.  We have been told numerous times from many who attended that the reception was one of the best they had ever attended.  We couldn’t agree more!  The food and service were excellent. Everything we envisioned and hoped for came out so wonderfully.  The cake was stunningly beautiful.  Sally, you were so friendly, courteous and professional from the fist time we met you.  We are so impressed that despite the fact that you do so many weddings and receptions, you don’t seem to forget that you are in charge of one of the most important days of a couple’s life.  Thank you so much for taking such pride in your work and leaving us with such great memories.  We feel so lucky to have met you and to have had our reception coordinated by such an incredible person.  We are forever grateful and hope to see you again to relive the memories.  We wish you all the best!”

Eric and Miranda

“We want to thank you for helping us have such a lovely reception.  It was truly a great day and I know that everyone loved it.  The food was great, the staff was great!  It was a magical day.  Thanks again.”

Hil and Kevin

“Thank you for making our wedding day perfect.  You are truly gifted at what you do.  We were constantly amazed by your resourcefulness, whether fixing a tuxedo button or touching up make-up.  Our wedding  would not have been the same without you.  Your work allowed us to relax and enjoy the day.”

Howard and Mariko

“This is long overdue but you have been in my thoughts since Tyler and Gaby’s wedding.  Prior to my illness I was involved with very big San Francisco weddings so I know what it takes to “Make the show go on”.  I just want you to know what a stunning job you did keeping everything flowing and with such verve!  I was so pleased to be there and to be a part of the festivities.  Congrats to a job well done.”


“I want to thank you for your wonderful assistance and coordination with our wedding last April.  As Jon and I left that afternoon, we looked at each other with huge grins and shook our heads in amazement while repeating what a PERFECT day it was.  The setting was more beautiful that I had hoped, and to this day we are still receiving compliments on the food at the reception.  The staff was friendly and efficient and so quick to bring out the umbrellas when it got warm,  I certainly appreciated and admired your calm and friendly demeanor from the start of the planning to the end of the big day—just the thing needed when dealing with a frantic bride! (who, ME?)  Our family is especially grateful for the attention and care you gave to my Father-In-law when he was feeling ill.  Plus—you sure made Jon’s day by keeping his toasting glass full at all times—with beer!  Thank you for helping to make our special day so wonderful.”

Dawn and Jon

“We just wanted to thank you once more for your part in making our wedding so beautiful.  We could not have asked for a better coordinator!  You are awesome!”

Sara and Matt

“We just wanted to thank you so much for your amazing talent and help in coordinating our wedding!  We’ve gotten many compliments on how beautiful the wedding turned out and we have you to owe this to!  Thank you again for your utmost professionalism and creativity! “

TiTi and Dustin

“Your beauty is only matched by your graciousness of heart!  Thank you for the beautiful gift of helping us realize our dream of holy matrimony. You’re great! Lots of love.”

Daniel and Nia

“Thank you so much for being such an incredible coordinator on our big day!  Our night couldn’t have gone better…your expertise and kindness exceeded our expectations tenfold.  It’s been a month since we got married and our guests are still telling us how incredible everything was!”

John and Deirdre

“Thank you very much for making our wedding so special! It meant a lot to us that you went out of your way to follow up on every detail.  I really enjoyed working with you.”

Gayle and Spencer

“We just want to thank you so much for making Heidi and Bjorn’s wedding such a relaxed and very special occasion.  As mother of the Bride I never thought I would relax.  We are so happy with all you did for us.”

Randy and Hanna

“Patrick and I are so lucky that we got you as our Wedding Coordinator, you were the best!  You helped us stay calm and focused but best of all you let us enjoy the most important day of our lives.  We will never forget you.”

Cordula and Patrick

PS:  Thanks for the lip gloss – it saved the day!

“So many people have told us how beautiful and wonder the wedding was, and how it will stand out in the memories of the weddings they’ve seen!  We thank you so much for your skill and for helping to make our wedding so incredible!  We feel blessed that we were fortunate enough to have you as our Coordinator.  You’re terrific!  Thank you so much!”

Justine and Kevin

“Thank you for your help for our wedding!  It was perfect…elegant, peaceful, organized…”

Behzad and Deanna

“It means so much.  Thank you so much for helping Stacey and I enjoy our wedding day.  Everything was perfect!  Your ability to keep things smooth and your professionalism are outstanding.”

Steve and Stacey

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us.  Our wedding could not have been more perfect and you are the one who made all of our wishes come true.”

Jonathan and Marni

“Wow!  What a wedding day!  It was perfect, in large part thanks to you.  After seeing the photos and the video I can see just how hard you worked.  You were running around the entire day and night.  I felt completely taken care of and our guests raved about the event, the place, the food, etc.  You were amazing.  Thank you SO much…for everything.  As you know, it was an overly emotional weekend for us and it helped so much knowing that you understood and truly cared.”

Dave and Tracy

“What a wedding! Went off without a hitch.  Thanks so much for all your help as we pulled it together.  It was a treat to work with you and you really helped make the evening a joy for us.  We have such great memories—beautiful venue, great food and all of our closest friends.  Thank you and all the best luck to you!”

Gia and Scott

“On behalf of our entire family and especially Andrea and Rick, we would like to express our thanks and sincere appreciation for all that you did in helping to prepare for the wedding day and for the beautiful coordination of the wedding ceremony, reception, and entire evening from the very beginning to the end.  We are still receiving glowing comments from those fortunate enough to have been there and we will always have the memories of that wonderful evening. Thank you!”

Sandy and Steve

“We were overwhelmed with how fabulous our wedding turned out!  Thanks to your incredible skill, precision and hard word – we were astounded.  We hope to toast with you again in the future.  Thanks again for your warmth and support.”

Gabriela and Tyler

“How do we even begin to express our utmost gratitude for the spectacular wedding you helped create?  You and your staff were wonderful and kept the event moving and flowing so smoothly.  Your professionalism and attention to detail were quite evident during the planning phase as well as the day of the wedding.  We’re extremely happy and content that we chose [you] for our memorable event.  Thank you for the beautiful and magnificent memories! “

Caroline and Jeremy

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note and THANK YOU and your staff for making our wedding such a wonderful, stress-free experience. You are a pro!  I can’t tell you how happy Tim and I both were to have someone like you guide us through this experience—the feedback from our family and friends was great too—we had so many out of towners – and they got the quintessential California wedding  experience.  It was such the perfect atmosphere!  Again, thank you for everything!”

Diana and Tim

“We’re back in town and wanted to thank you again for all of your work on our wonderful wedding day.  All of the ‘reviews’ we’ve heard from the attendees are marvelous.  I talked to Laura at Sada’s flowers. Thank her again for the incredible work with the flowers and she mentioned again what a joy it is to ‘do’ events with [you] as you really know how to get it done!  I hope Laura will remain on your preferred vendor list, as everyone is still talking about the wonderful flowers.”

Jane and Joshua

“Thanks for making our wedding as special as it was.  You were sensational, and knew exactly how to make everything flow…..”


“Now that things have calmed down, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding so unique.  You rock!!  I admire the work that you do—you are patient and cool, yet articulate, logical and precise.”


“It can not get any better.  For the people that came to Brooke and Adam’s wedding that still have weddings to [go to] this is a tough act to follow.  You, the restaurant and staff are the best.  We know you are the hardest working and most involved coordinator in the country.”

Rick and Kristie

PS:  Best filet I have ever eaten

“Tom and I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did coordinating our wedding.  Throughout the planning process you answered our questions, calmed our fears, and gave us confidence that everything was going to be fine.  On our wedding day, we knew that we didn’t have a thing to worry about because you were there.  We had total confidence that no matter what happened, you would handle it.  From our perspective, everything went totally smoothly although I am sure you were jumping through hoops behind the scenes!  Thanks to you, we were able to relax and enjoy the most special day of our lives!”

Lisa and Tom

“Thanks so much for your coordination of our soul-a-bration.  The event went off without a hitch and everyone said they had a wonderful time.  The food, cake and drinks were wonderful and coordination of the set-up, band and events throughout the evening was very helpful.”

Jenni and Jeff

“What can I say, but wow!  Alan and I were so pleased with our wedding on June 28, it’s simply amazing how perfect everything was!  Thank you for all of your time and efforts involved in making it so beautiful.  Between you and Sheila the place was transformed into an “awesome” fairy tale!  You really do such a spectacular job and every detail made such a difference.  My family just loved you and everyone is still raving about what a perfect wedding.  They all just thought the setting was out of this world!  I would recommend you to anyone planning on getting married!  It truly doesn’t get any better.  Many compliments to the chef and staff also as the guests were quite impressed!  Thank you Sally (and this comes from the heart) for making our day better than I ever dreamed of!”

Jodie and Alan

“John and I just want to thank you for all you did to make our wedding celebration (with the months of planning and the day itself) so wonderful.  Everything ran so smoothly!  We had such a great time!”

Carrie J and John

“Dearest, Most Organized, Sally, Both Shane and I would like to thank you so much for your outstanding services and care during the preparation of our wedding on March 22, 2003 and during the day itself.  We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to get married.  I don’t think we could ever have remained as calm or been able to enjoy ourselves if you hadn’t taken care of everything form start to finish!  You were a gem, are a gem and we will have such wonderful memories of our special day, thanks to you! Much love and gratitude!”

Rashna and Shane

“You are so wonderful and kind.  Thank you for making this experience extra special.  I’d say we should do it again sometime, but…that won’t be necessary.  Maybe for our 25th anniversary. Love to you.”

Eileen and Paul

“I want to thank you for the absolutely beautiful ceremony that you arranged for Anthony and I.  The day was perfect, the food was great.  Everything was so lovely.  Everyone keeps telling us what a beautiful wedding it was. Thanks again!”

Meadow and Anthony

“I just don’t even know where to begin – it was amazing!  But it all went so fast—now it’s all a pile of pictures and thank you cards. Boo hoo. You were great and you really made the plan go as it should.  Thank God you were there to be the level and able one because from the moment the music started I was just totally lost.  I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your gentle leadership on our very special day.”


“Dear Management at [Topanga Canyon Venue], I just want to acknowledge Sally Steele for her outstanding work at making my Wedding Day so special.  She did an amazing job coordinating the event and making everything so beautiful and flow so smoothly.  She has a great combination of organizational skills and people skills.  This allows the bride to relax, knowing all will be taken care of in a quality manner.  Of all the vendors and support staff I dealt with for the planning of my wedding, Sally was, by far, the best.”


“Thank you so very much for your warmth and expertise in coordinating our happiest of days.  Your radiant smile, wonderful ideas and reassuring nature were of great comfort to us in our time of restless stomach butterflies, anxiousness, joy and bliss.  you truly made the whole planning process more pleasurable and exciting.  Where we got married is always an incredibly romantic, idyllic spot…but we felt it was particularly so on our sunny spring day.  The lingering winter rain clouds thankfully stepped aside just long enough to give us warm sunshine all afternoon long. The hostess, waiters and waitresses were all so friendly, funny and accommodating. They made every guest feel so well taken care of.  We were touched by the love and caring attention to detail that the entire staff showed.  Everything was simply exquisite throughout the event…tres magnifique!  The food was absolutely scrumptious—my husband can attest to this, as can our guests who all raved about it.  The fresh berry cake with nutty flour was creamy, dreamy and divine.  And the flowers atop the confection were gorgeous!  All who came were pleased as punch and we have you to thank for that.  May you heartily enjoy the fruits of your labor…including a contented sense of a job beautifully done.  We wish you joy and love and all the best fortune in your bright future! Merci beaucoup.”

Karen and William

“Life has been a whirlwind the last few months…and we wanted to have enough time to really express our gratitude.  We wanted to thank you for being our coordinator and for making our wedding, June 1st, one of the happiest and meaningful days of our lives.  Thank you for your devoted time, energy and patience.  Thank You for your honest opinions and creative ideas and yet, still allowing us enough freedom to have the wedding we envisioned.  Our wedding day was more fun, more romantic, and more beautiful that we could have imagined.  It exceeded our expectations.  The place was magical with twinkling lights and ethereal essence and the food was incredibly delicious.  For weeks after our glorious occasion, many of our guests called to tell us it was the most beautiful, heartwarming and fun wedding they had ever been to…and we agreed!  We talk about our wedding day, look at our photographs and re-live it all the time.  The first day of our new adventure together was, is and will always be very special to us.  Thank you for being a very big part of our most memorable day, Sally.”

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Jeffrey F.

“We couldn’t remember if we had already sent a card or not but hey, if this is thank you #2, it’s only because you deserve it.  You and the entire staff were an absolute joy to work with.  You made the planning seem easy and the wedding could not have been more perfect thanks to your coordinating efforts.  Thanks again and we hope to see you again sometime.”

Adam and Katherine

“Adam and I are so happy we met with you last night.  We can’t think of having our wedding any where else.  I know that in your hands, it will be perfect.  Thank you for taking the time to go over everything.  We’re confident that this will be a really beautiful day for us!  Give us a call next time you are in NYC.  We’ll talk to you soon.”

Lara and Adam

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for us.  Our wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It was a perfect day and certainly surpassed both of our dreams and expectations.  We greatly appreciate all of your hard work.”

Jenny and Josh

“Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and supportive Wedding Planner!  Everything went perfectly for our special day and we have you to thank for it!”

Francien and John

“The little extras did not go unnoticed!!  Our wedding day will always be remembered as perfect!! Thanks for making it that way!”

Kelly and John

“THANK YOU.  Simple, elegant and to the point….can I thank you enough?  Just one more little “extra” thanks for making our wedding day PERFECT!  Enjoy!!”

Kelly and John

“We don’t know how to thank you for all your hard work in creating the wedding of our dreams.  From our first meeting you were warm, friendly, completely professional and committed to us.  We loved your input and suggestions and appreciated your gentle honesty when things we were considering might not have worked out well.  The wedding was so PERFECT!  We loved every second of it, and we are well aware that your organizational skills were what made everything run so smoothly.”