Wedding Planning For Second Marriage
29 April

Wedding Planning For Second Marriage

These will probably be worded a little bit differently than original wedding vows. Click here for some ideas. Alternatively, this is a great opportunity to write your own vows, since you probably have a clearer picture of what marriage means to you than many first time brides and grooms do.

With that said, it’s totally unfair to both halves of the couple to dismiss the idea of having fun or exciting plans just because you’re not a first-time bride or groom. Especially if the person you are marrying has never been married, or has grand plans for a big bash. Remember, just because you got to have your dream wedding with somebody else doesn’t mean your fiance doesn’t deserve to have his dream wedding with you, too.

Dress Get your white on, girl! Yes, you can still wear that universal symbol of purity, even though the jig is up with the whole virginity thing. Actually, while white used to symbolize innocence during the Victorian age, it is now perfectly acceptable for brides of every age and degree of wholesomeness. Let’s be honest: If white were reserved only for virgin brides these days, everybody that I know would have worn hot pink down the aisle. Ivory, cream or any other shade you choose is also just dandy. Don’t think you need to “tone down”your dress to be more simple since it’s the second time around. The length and style of the dress should reflect the formality of the ceremony. If you would rather something simpler, you may want to consider cocktail length, or even an elegant pantsuit if that’s more your style.

If you had a huge hometown bash, you might consider a destination wedding this time or vice versa. Eloping is perfectly acceptable if you both want to do some intimate and fun. Just make sure that you’re not depriving your fiance of his own dream wedding in your efforts to avoid repetition.

Remarrying presents many challenges, including the need to choose wedding decorations appropriate for a celebration of a second wedding. However, you can plan for and decorate your second wedding quite easily and without breaking any etiquette rules.

Invitations Your invitations should be worded like any other wedding invitation, depending on who’s hosting (translation: paying). With second marriages, there is a greater chance that the couple is hosting the event themselves since they’re presumably a little bit older and more financially equipped to do so. If you are hosting, the good news is that second or subsequent weddings tend to be smaller and less formal. If a couple is more mature, there is a chance that their grown children would even host the affair – that is in the unlikely event that they have chosen to get a job instead of claiming rent-free residence in Mom or Dad’s basement while they “take a break” after graduating from college a mere eight years into their diligent studies. Kids today.

Whether you’re divorced or widowed, if you’re getting married for a second time (or more) you probably feel like you’ve been blessed with a new opportunity for life-long love and happiness. Congratulations! Now before you cue the band to play “Second Time Around” (it’s a great first song for non-first-time couples), you’ve got some planning to do! Here are a few tips to help your return to the altar be as special and beautiful as possible.

Since many second time brides and grooms pay for the entire wedding on their own, the budget may be a concern when searching for decorations. However, a second wedding can be a beautiful and memorable affair without spending a lot of money on decor. Ways to reduce the expense of wedding decor for a second wedding include:

Questions To Ask When Wedding Planning

Try your best to put your first wedding experience out of your head when you start planning this one. I know it’s hard not to compare, but think about it: How would you feel if your fiance was comparing everything about you to his first bride? You shouldn’t do that to him either. Before you start planning, sit down and have a real talk about what kind of wedding you each want to have and look for common ground.

Wedding Planning Things To Do

I can certainly understand not wanting to plan anything for your upcoming wedding that would remind you (or your repeat guests) of your previous wedding  or weddings. You certainly wouldn’t want to have the reception at your parents’ country club again if you celebrated there the first time. And if you got married in your church and you’re still an active member there, although it can feel awkward choosing to exchange vows someplace non-denominational or in another parish, most couples don’t choose to get married at the same altar twice.

Table decorations: Customize a family tree template with all the new family member’s names, print, frame, and display at the reception area. This will not only add decor to your reception, but identify the celebration as one of bringing two families together.

Registering If you choose to do a wedding registry (this is perfectly acceptable, by the way), do it as you would for a first marriage and include registry information on your wedding website. However, many couples choose not to register for a second or subsequent wedding because they feel like they already own the items that they need for everyday life, or that many friends and family members already bought them gifts for their first marriage. If you choose not to register, it is still not appropriate to include that (or any) gift-giving information on your invitations. Simply use your website, or word of mouth, to spread the word that you do not wish to receive gifts.